Korston Club Hotel ★★★★


Address: Moscow, Kosygina street, 15.

The Korston Club Hotel Moscow conveniently located in the green district of the Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Hills) and the Moscow River, by car, it will take you 10 minutes to the city center.

Hotel Sputnik ★★★★


Address: Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 38.

Hotel «Sputnik» is situated on Leninsky prospect, nearby from metro station «Vorobyovy Gory». In foot availability from hotel there are the central office of the Sberbank, Academy of sciences.

Hotel Salut ★★★★


Address: Moscow, Leninskiy prospect, 158.

Hotel Salut 4* is located in the South-West of Moscow from airport Vnukovo side and connected with Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports by the Moscow Ring Road.